We provide an integrated consulting service, divided in different disciplines, with the purpose of increasing value to our clients from many perspectives.

Education & Training

We offer world-class Educational & Training products for professionals, through exclusive representations in Guatemala.

Research & Development

We work in scientific projects to contribute with scientific and academic communities, and to come up with solutions for our clients.


We provide our services through monthly memberships, which have been adapted to our clients particular needs and projects.

About us


Axon Consulting Group

Axon Consulting Group is a boutique consulting firm specialized in Central American emerging markets. We provide a dynamic and multidisciplinary approach, to the side of a global, non-limiting and integrated perspective. It's born from the vision of a group of professionals from different disciplines and experiences, to provide a high-value service, personalized, diverse and robust, to entities who are looking forward to entering the C.A. market and/or increasing value to their operations over a constantly changing & growing region.

At Axon Consulting Group, we hold a high standard of human talent, with the purpose of providing solutions with results that can be qualified as astonishing, sustainable and measurable over time.

Trust, precision, diversity, transparency and excellence are our key elements, as a firm that is capable of turning problems into solutions that simultaneously adapt to our clients’ needs and markets, in a trust environment of acting always in our clients’ best interests.

All you want to know about us

Our consulting divisions specialize in providing a global and strategic perspective, knowledge and experience from different disciplines, to the main players of the emerging markets in the Central American region.

Feasability studies and financial valuation for projects and businesses of different natures: commercial, industrial and real-estate.

Corporate Finance:
Capital Structure: Methods and strategies of funding capital and/or debt.
Investment analysis and assignment of corporate resources.
Value generation in projects and businesses.
Financial audit.
Due Diligence investigations.
Development of financial and commercial documentation for project presentation.
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).
Investment Portfolio Design.

Regulations: taxes, security and pesticides.

International operation modeling.
Stock and storage management.
Planning and development of logistics.

Business Planning: design and execution of strategies.

Strategic partnerships and market analysis.
Analysis matrix for projects and businesses.
Support and reporting (metrics).

Data Mining.

Creation of strategic databases.
Data Analysis and generation of strategic plans from complex data and variables.

Political and Social communication for business strategy.

Institutional relations for businesses.
Analytical mapping of political and social scopes.

Corporate law.

Criminal law.
Legal audit.

  • Corporate Finance and Investment100%

  • International Trade and Logistics100%

  • Structure and Development of Projects and Businesses100%

  • Big Data100%

  • Political and Social100%

  • Legal100%

Company Values

Our work environment and the relationships with our clients follow these five key values:

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Education & Training Products

At Axon Consulting Group we believe and work for vocational education and training of higher level as a base for the generation of high-value, both in people and businesses. Through international representations, exclusive to Guatemala, Axon offers the following training programs for professionals:

Masters in Logistics and International Trade

A high-value program that provides robust and global training education for professionals within the scope of Logistics and Trade, by Universidat Abat Oliba CEU and Instituto de Logística Internacional in Barcelona, Spain, officially backed by the European Union, the Ministry of Education of Spain and CEES.
In-Company Courses

Aimed at high-rank executives and taught by world-class professors, with vast experience and knowledge in different areas, these courses provide personalized education on analysis, debate and development of relevant, current and real case studies.

Main subjects (unlimited):
   – Reverse Logistics
   – Planning of Operations
   – Logistics Direction and Management
   – Transport and Infrastructure Models
   – International Finance
   – International Trade and Legal Instruments
   – Green and Environmental Logistics
   – Integrated Customs Management
   – OEA Procedures

Research & Development

Our R&D division is in charge of scientific research to provide high-value proposals for scientific and academic communities, and businesses in the form of top-notch solutions and references.

Current research projects:


We believe in synergy and cooperation between entities and people through strategic alliances, to reach common goals and maximize success. Work with us!


Our service memberships are tailored to our clients needs.

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Monday through Friday

09:00 - 18:00 (GMT -6)

Our Locations

Guatemala (Zip: 01011)

6 ave. 19-54 Zona 11.

Barcelona, España (Zip: 08040)

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